The Vancouver Diaries

We're not in Kansas anymore.

Goodbye Kansas


The day has come!  Well, came and went, I’m currently writing this post while sipping a delicious chia frap and scarfing down an even more delicious cucumber and brie sandwich in a coffee shop across from the laundry mat in Vancouver, BC.  Speaking of laundry mat, those bad boys just devoured $11.25 and I haven’t even hit the dryers yet!  Anyway, back to the original concept behind this belated post: my 32-hour, 1,960-mile cross-country drive with the man and what it took to get there.


First things first, my going away party.


I just want to give a big, giant Internet hug to all of those who came out to celebrate and support my decision to hightail it to Canada!  I have some pretty unbelievably amazing friends.  My only regret is that no one snapped a picture of me “dancing” in my boyfriend’s size 11 tennis shoes.  What?!  My feet hurt and he was more than willing to offer them to me.  I’m assuming this is due to the fact that in my inebriated state of mind, I was quite comical dancing out there.

I mustache you a question

Leslie and Marissa!

great friends


Some of the best people I know!

The morning after was full of loading my car and sending most of my things home with my mom while being incredibly hung over.  Talk about difficult.  It didn’t help that 99.9% of my things are heavy as (insert really bad curse word).

Goodbye stuff

On the road we went, and only an hour and a half behind schedule!  Not bad for a still half drunk girl!   Out of all the driving I’m going to go ahead and say that those first 8 hours were the WORST!  I was tired, he was tired, and the plains offer little to no scenery.  He drove the first 2 hours, and I drove the rest.  We arrived at my grandmas in Denver, CO around 7:30pm for a BBQ with some of my family that live there.  My grandpa can cook a mean steak!  Fortunately for David, I learned to master this art as soon as I could walk!

On full bellies and a good nights sleep, we started the rest of our trip bright and early.

Really Freaking Far

The bean was doing great…ish.  We had to fill up with oil every single time we stopped for gas.  Either the bean is one needy thirsty little thing or some else is going on here. (and yes I do know how to properly check my oil/ check for oil leaks).

Tire duty.

On the first day, we made it some 16ish hours or so before I started getting tired/ needy for some serious sleep outside of a crammed car.  Although fully awake, alert, and ready to drive, my gracious boyfriend obliged and we opted for a Best Western in some cute little town called Baker City, Oregon.

Amazing breakfast from a cute little place next to our hotel for the night.

After breakfast it was back in the bean and onward to Canada!!!  There was one more cute mention worthy town in Washington called Kennewick.  The town was surprisingly large with vineyards as far as the eye could see.  I wanted to stop and try some local wine, but Dave and I decided driving the following 6ish hours drunk would not be a good idea and I wasn’t sure if I could bring a bottle across the boarder.  We spent the next few hours talking.  Everytime I started to get down about leaving my family and friends behind in Kansas, Dave would have me say 10 positive things either about the trip, me moving to Vancouver, or our relationship.  It worked!  I slept a little but once we got to the mountains of Washington, there was no way I could sleep through all that beauty.  It was breathtaking.  I mean gorgeous!  I have never seen anything like it and I have driven through a few beautiful places in my time!

All in all, the trip was great!  Dave and I turned off the radio for the whole trip and just spent that time talking, laughing, and/or trying to sleep.

Home! Well, at least for another year.

P.S. I finished our laundry $18.25 later not including the $5 for laundry soap that I forgot to bring. Welcome to Vancouver!

Morgan xx


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