The Vancouver Diaries

We're not in Kansas anymore.

Oh Sweet Day!!

I didn’t find them all, but I did find a few of the “lost photos”!!!


You will never know breakfast until you’ve had it at The Zen Cafe by Kits beach. But really, it’s yum yum yummy!


There is always something going on downtown.  Always.  This particular day had booths with things from handmade jewelry, to urban clothing, handbags, and even custom buttons.  Why you would need custom buttons is beyond me, but hey “to each their own”.


Street band covering songs from The Beetles.  They were actually pretty good and attracted quite a crowd!  The bass is a Prestige guitar (shout out to my honey)


Jericho beach. Lost in song writing.  Story of his life.


It may not look 50 Shades of fantastic from the outside, but don’t let that fool you.  This place is gelato heaven.


This is only a small, very tiny picture of the whole operation.  I tried to capture it all but there were so many people walking around that it was impossible.


Picking out some cute Canadian gear from a tourist shop in Gastown.


Granville St above Granville Island. I thought the vines made it look pretty. 🙂


There was a boat show or something of the sort happening on the docks of Granville Island.


Granville Island.


If you have ever purchased Malt-O-Meal you know that there is a tiny little tab on the side that you push in that allows your cream of wheat to pour out.  My dearest boyfriend did not know this and ripped open the top of the box!  I know, I was a little taken back as well!  I thought I upset him because he walked out of the kitchen and into our room without saying a word.  When I walked in to the room a few moments later I found that he had nailed the top shut and pushed in the tab. 🙂 Reason 128713904857.234 why I love this man!

Morgan x


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