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We're not in Kansas anymore.

Sour Apple


I had just published my last post “Goodbye Kansas” and after being pleased with the outcome, I decided that I would try to post once a week on Thursdays. Yes I failed, but let me explain!

The Explanation:

My last week or so would go like this: Hear alarm go off at 7:30am, hit snooze two or three more times, wake up finally around 8:00am, mosey along to the kitchen, make David breakfast, try and fail several times to wake David up, set plate of food next to David in bed, David wakes up, David eats, David gets ready for work, I drive David to work, I come back home to either clean/ do homework/ or apply for jobs, I pick David up from either work or practice (depending on the day), and we go do something cool where I take a million+5 photos with the intention of putting them on this blog for all to enjoy.

We went to so many places!  I had photos of Granville Island, the botanical gardens, a famous gelato shop with over 100 flavors (even wasabi flavor!), our day lounging on the beach while he played on his guitar, the scenery of Jericho and Wreck beaches, the spanish banks, and our trip up to the top of one of the many mountains around this area. The plan was to supply you with a library full of amazing photos so that you could possibly if slightly get the sense of how truly breathtaking this place is.  I say slightly only because I firmly believe that no matter how expensive and professional your camera is, pictures NEVER do this place justice.

By this point in my explanation you might be asking “where are these pictures you speak of” or possibly “neat. cut to the chase” which would be rude!  Assuming you are not being rude and simply curious, I will tell you.  My iPhone erased them all!!!! (Deep breaths.  We’ll get through this together, dont worry.)

The Sour Apple:

My iPhone had been giving me trouble for a few weeks now, but nothing serious.  Recently however, it would start dying with 30% battery life remaining and not connecting to my mac when I would plug it in among other small issues not worth mentioning.  Getting increasingly tired of this situation, I decided to call my wireless company (Verizon) to see if anyone could help solve this issue.  After explaining to the nice gentleman on the phone that yes I did have all of my photos, contacts, and documents backed up with my iCloud, he had me erase all content and restart my phone.  Two hours later my phone turned back on only for me to find out that the last time I backed it up was a month ago.  All pictures ever taken since two days before my going away party are gone forever 😦  It was a sad day in Morganworld. I did however manage to save two pictures only because I had just uploaded them to Instagram.

The Surviving Photos:

Gelato, Jazz Music, Deep Cove BC

This photo was taken at Deep Cove Park in Deep Cove, BC, a district of North Van.  You can find more pictures of this park as well as others in this specific area at  It really was like stepping into another world.  The views alone were breathtaking (which I’m slowly realizing happens everywhere I turn).  To top this outing off, there was a man playing slow jazz music on his saxophone.   And no it was not this guy:

The only other surviving photo was the one I took of the spanish banks.

Forestry behind, beaches/ mountains infront, city to the East. I love this place.

There are sanddunes about a quarter of the way out into the water.  Dave and I did not plan on taking the afternoon to come out here, it was sort of a last minute decision, so we didn’t really stay long.  Fortunately it’s a short walk from where we currently live so I’ll have plenty of opportunities to take more photos for you all!

Until next time!

Morgan xxx


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