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Dave & Morgan Go Explorin’

Hello happy people!  I really wanted to make this post into fun facts about this great city I live in, as well as interesting things about my neighborhood.  For instance, Ryan Reynolds is from this neighborhood and went to high school down the street. (Yes, I have convinced myself that his family home is across the street purely because I want to believe it’s true.)  However, I had a really great week/ weekend and decided to post those pics instead.  I’ll stimulate your noggin some other time.

First and foremost, I got the job I wanted!!!!  (Party dance!) It’s with a great company and leaves me with unlimited room to grow.  In a word, it’s great, and I can’t wait to start getting into the thick of it!

Secondly, I’ve hopped back on the workout train.  I finally realized that looking at pictures of my fit days won’t help me get back into shape.  If only it were that easy.  I know I’m thin, and I know I don’t need to loose weight.  This is  not my goal.  I want abs that I can wash my clothes on: 1) because laundry is expensive here, and this might help cut down the cost 😉 2) fit is the new skinny, fit is sexy, and it’s really emotionally difficult for people who use to be fit once they become out of shape.  It’s been YEARS since I can say I was in shape, but it’s also been YEARS since I had discipline in my workouts.  I also have never had to train myself without a coach so this whole solo gym thing is pretty new to me, and I’m still learning.

I also stumbled upon this amazing blog, And Then We Saved.  After getting sick and tired of student loan and credit card debt, this chick paid off over $20,000 in ONE year.  That blows my freaking mind!!  Needless to say it’s my new motivation. I have decided to go on her spending diet until I’m in a position to try the spending fast.

Dear Friends,

This is your formal warning that I will not be buying christmas/ birthday/ wedding/ baby shower/ just because gifts until my student loans have ceased to exist. You may now consider me a cheapskate.



Other than those minor life changes, Dave and I had one eventful Saturday.  Our day started off like most.  We got up and made a giant breakfast full of hashbrowns, poached eggs, english muffins, and other good breakfasty stuff.  We then hit the gym and decided to make use out of the beautiful day.  Whytecliff Park it was!  Last time we went it was too close to high tide and the water  almost covered the rocks that lead you out to the island.  If we would have tried to get to the island, we would have gotten stuck.  This time I wanted out on that island dang it!

Island at Whytecliff

“Stepping Stones” to get to the island.

Almost There

View from the top

View of the shore

Picnic Spot

We were out there long enough for the tide to change, so before we got stuck we headed back to the shore.  It was an unusually warm day, therefore there were many people with the same idea as us.  The place was packed.  Whytecliff is known for it’s beautiful dives so naturally there were quite a few divers out that day.  There was also an oh-so-cute little girl celebrating what looked like her birthday party in the park.  Everyone wore cute little sun dresses and sun hats with large oversized bows.  I wish I had a picture!  It was adorable!

Deciding our day outdoor couldn’t end there, we  got in the car and headed to Horseshoe Bay.  I failed to take any pictures while there.  It’s your typical small marina town except it’s in a cove and surrounded by beautiful lush mountains.  The area is known for it’s ferry rides to and from the surrounding islands: Nanaimo, Bowen (snug cove), Langdel, Sunshine Coast, and Central Vancouver Island.  With adventure in our blood that day we opted for a ferry to one of the islands.  We chose Bowen Island partially because it was late and it was the closest, and partially because it was the cheapest.  Twenty dollars and a 20 minute ferry ride later, we were in the cutest 19th century town on Bowen Island.

Our Ferry

My Favorite Model

Land Ho!

View From The Ship

Another View

Holy cute town!  The natives of the island were the Sḵwxwú7mesh, or Squamish, people.  It is beyond me how the number 7 is the middle of a jumble of letters makes a word, but apparently it did.  The island wasn’t colonized until the late 1800’s and it still looked the part.  The town itself only houses about 3,400 people, which is relatively close to the same size as Norton, KS (my hometown). However, Bowen Island is substantially prettier than Norton by a long shot. Sorry, Norton, it’s true.

Tourist Shop

For some reason I got an erie feeling walking around the island, then it dawned on me that I’d seen it somewhere before.  The movie “The Wicker Man” was partially shot here along with some other thrillers.  The island itself is pretty large and mostly made up of hiking trails.

I Wasn’t Going In There Alone

I Couldn’t Get Dave Away From This Place

Little Bridge Area

It was getting late and we both were tired and starving!  We called it a day after that little adventure and drove home.  Needless to say, I slept like a baby last night!

Until next time,

Morgan x


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