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October Shmoctober

Well hello there stranger dangers!  Apparently I lied about posting more often.  Sorry 🙂  Now where to begin….

Once upon a time … (cue glitter, harp, ripple fade)

Just kidding.

My last post lead you through a few adventures Dave and I went on.  Since then not much has happened.  Sort of.  I’ve been working for Urban City Rentals for a little over a month now.  I love it!  I will say it is an adjustment from my small town, Wichita, job but it’s nothing I can’t handle. 😉 Which reminds me, if you’re planning on settling into Vancouver visit our website

Daves’ band Its Criminal!  played a few shows in October for Rain City Throwdown and the Festival of Survival.  Both were great sets!

Its Criminal & Quartered
Rain City Throwdown

Rain City Throwdown was at this place called the Rickshaw Theatre, which is suppose to be in the worst part of town.  I’d like those people to come visit the worst part of Wichita and then get back to me. 😉 Other than the occasional group of drugged out bums who keep to themselves, it really wasn’t that bad or at least I wasn’t afraid of being shot.  Sorry Wichita, you’ve got some problem areas!

The Festival of Survival was a 4 day event with I dont even know how many bands.  Each band that played during the festival had a 20 minute slot.  I’d like to think that Its Criminal did the best…but I could be biased. 🙂

Leaving the festival in our stunna shades. Sort of.

I had a great time at the festival with Dave!  It was the first time we went out/ stayed out in quite some time!  We’re pretty lame.  We spend most of our time either working, watching the daily show, or preparing for work.

Dave and I have been living in his itsy bitsy bachelor pad for the last two months.  It was starting to catch up to the both of us and we began realizing how crowded it was with the both of us there.  The first month was fine.  I didn’t really care where we lived as long as we were together.  Cheesy, I know but you try staring at your Skype screen every night!  It wasn’t until month 2 that I was getting really tired of boxes and shoes everywhere.  There was literally nowhere to put my things.  And I have a lot of things!

Surprised after a shower with this lovely note 🙂

Dave is the best at knowing when I’m stressed and finding the littlest ways to make me feel better.  I walked into this lovely note after a shower on a day that the space issue was really getting to me.  I swear this man knows me like the back of his hand.  I don’t have to say a word and he’s already figured out that I’m stressed.  Keeper!!

Being the great girlfriend that I am I decided to surprise him at work with a cookie from our favorite bakery Fratelli’s.  By great girlfriend I mean I wanted a cookie and stumbled upon this little charm that I just had to get for Dave!

Prince Charming

Isn’t it cute!?  I thought so too. 🙂

After all of that, we finally decided it was time to move.  Thank goodness!  We found the greatest 1 bedroom ground level apartment under a cute house just a few blocks from our old place.  Score!


Hahaha juuust kidding!  I crack myself up! But seriously though Dave and I saw this on the way home from work one day!  It freaked me out so much that I had Dave turn around and drive by it slowly so I could take this picture.  I needed everyone to see this!  It looks so much more animated in real life.

Close up of the roof

I need to know who built this.  I’m sure there are other great animated homes throughout Vancouver!  I need to see more!

New kids on the block

In all seriousness, this is our new block!  The trees are GIANT and there are leaves everywhere.  I love this city!

Not much else has gone on that is worth mentioning to the entire web world.

Until next time

Morgan x

PS.  They shoot off fireworks for Halloween here in BC!  This makes no sense to me!


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