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We're not in Kansas anymore.

April and May

Well folks, I’m sitting here at the airport 2 hours early for my flight.  This would not have happened had I listened to Dave.  (Yes, Dave I’m saying you were right!)  In my defense, there are usually long lines at customs and I didn’t want to risk the chance of missing my flight, especially because it’s heading to Hawaii!  To my surprise, there was NO line at customs!  Vancouver (YVR) just put in new US citizen only kiosks at customs to speed up the process.  What use to take 1 or more hours literally took 4 minutes tops.  Amazing!  Thank you Canada for realizing my American needs. 😉

All of this travel has me thinking about our soon-to-be trip across the west side of our beloved country on our way to Austin. Although I am excited, there is so much about Vancouver and Canada that I’m going to dearly miss.

My Miss List

1) Not having to use/see/touch a penny.  Canada has done away with the penny and I FREAKING LOVE IT!  Instead of getting pennies, your total change back is either rounded up or down.  Sometimes you get less back, sometimes more.  It evens itself out.  I am not looking forward to using those devilish coins when we return home! (rolls eyes)

2) While we are on the subject of money, I’m really going to miss Canadian money all together.  The 100 and 20 dollar bills have a security strip on them that actually smell like maple syrup.  No lie!  If you shuffle through a bunch of 100’s it fills the air with a maple syrup smell.  It’s great!  I will also dearly miss the loonie ($1) and toonie ($2).

Loonie (left) and the Toonie (right)

Loonie (left) and the Toonie (right)

3) I will dearly miss the way Vancouver smells in the early spring when everything is beginning to bloom.  It’s euphoric how amazing it smells.  Imagine the scent of fresh salt water mixed in with smells of a dozen flowers and shrubbery.  I love it.

Wild blackberry bushes all around my neighborhood.

Wild blackberry bushes all around my neighborhood.

4) Of the many people that I know about 98.73% have no idea how big and beautiful Vancouver, BC is.

A) It’s rather huge.  There are over 600,000 in the main city area, 2.5 million in the lower mainland, and another 100,000 in North and West Vancouver (the North Shore).

B) Smack dab in the middle of this large city are oceans, rivers, and giant mountains with a multitude of hiking trails.

C) Vancouver has one of the most beautiful skylines apart from New York and Hong Kong.

I mean, look at that skyline!

I mean, look at that skyline!

My list could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  Vancouver is amazing and I’ll miss it dearly!




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