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April and May

Well folks, I’m sitting here at the airport 2 hours early for my flight.  This would not have happened had I listened to Dave.  (Yes, Dave I’m saying you were … Continue reading

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Life Lately

Wow.  The term “slacking” doesn’t quite do my procrastination level on this blog justice.  How can I not get sidetracked from time to time when I have views like the … Continue reading

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Dave & Morgan Go Explorin’

Hello happy people!  I really wanted to make this post into fun facts about this great city I live in, as well as interesting things about my neighborhood.  For instance, … Continue reading

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Hello everyone!  Firstly, I apologize for taking so long to post a new blog.  Secondly… well I dont really have a secondly so I guess revert back to “Firstly”.  It … Continue reading

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File this under: Personal

Right now I should be doing homework, but in true Morgan fashion I’m daydreaming, doodling, texting my one of my bests, Tom Hurdle (shout out), and looking up property management … Continue reading

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